B&B Dry Goods Homegrown Baton Rouge Kaleidoscope T-Shirt - Ash Grey

by B&B Dry Goods


Homegrown | adjective |  \ˈhōm-ˈgrōn\

- grown or produced at home or in a particular local area
- native to or characteristic of a particular area

Louisiana shares a culture unlike anywhere else. It's this culture that inspired us to create our Homegrown collection. Part of this collection is our Baton Rouge Kaleidoscope design. Printed on the most comfortable tee we could find with a soft print for a vintage look and feel. Show your pride for the Red Stick by picking up our Baton Rouge Kaleidoscope T-Shirt!

Item Details:
  • Fabric: Cotton / Poly
  • Fit: Athletic / Tailored
  • Style: Men's / Unisex
  • Print: Soft Distressed
  • Shrinkage: Some / Normal

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