Our Story

Our story is simple – We began with a desire to offer something currently unavailable in the marketplace. The vision started with our name and was built from there.  We wanted the name to not only signify we accommodated all walks of life but also to relate our affinity for history, tradition, and nostalgia.

First came our retail space located at the North Gates of the LSU campus and has grown to the brand - Bengals & Bandits. We work with local artists and designers along with short run companies to offer a unique selection of licensed apparel and hard to find fashion pieces. Each item we bring in has been hand selected for the fit, fabric and design.

We pride ourselves in being the first to bring a handful of companies to the marketplace of Baton Rouge, the great state of Louisiana and now the entire world!   It’s this desire and passion to seek out new and unseen talent that pushes us to continuously expand our product offering. Often our best talents are found by simply listening to you!

Our mission has always been to locate and offer a unique selection of apparel for bengals, bandits and of course the lil’ bengals & bandits in training. It’s our belief quality comes first and after that, everything else with fall into place. We love what we do and we hope it shows every single day.  We can only hope our passion is passed along to friends and customers around the world…YOU are the reason we brought this concept to fruition.  So thanks to each and everyone of you for being a Bengal..or a Bandit!

Team B&B